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  • Taller Mountain : PS Audio DirectStream Windom update

    What’s it all about? Having a DAC that has firmware upgradeable software is a big bonus which is allowed with FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) DACs for they programme code into the system. Not like normal DACs which have no such flexibility. Something that is happening when you turn it on is the giveaway….The initialising […] More

  • My Thoughts on the new Amazon HD/UHD service

    What’s offered? Amazon launched its new Amazon Music HD service recently which adds a lossless music tier to its existing lossy service, Amazon Music. It promises up to 50 million tracks in what it calls HD music. A bit misleading as this is not Hi-res but CD quality with a bit depth of 16 bits, […] More

  • Munich High-End 2019 : PMC Fact 8 and 12 Signature

    Reference quality floor-standers PMC Fact 8 and 12 models have been a premium stalwart in the range for some time. Some customers were preferring the twenty5 range even with ‘Fact’ being the premium offering, so this is welcome news. These speakers have been developed from the ultra premium PMC Fact fenestria speakers, which were revealed […] More

  • Munich High-End 2019 : Chord Electronics Huei

    Phono Pre amp No the Qutest from Chord Electronics has not developed a disease! – this is a new Chord Electronics product coming out of Munich High-End 2019. Pronounced Huey, with no common linguistics to ‘Huawei’, the problematic Chinese firm, it’s a new phono stage pre-amp in a miniature Chord type machined aluminium billet, matching […] More