Hegel adds V10 Phono Stage

Hegel adds V10 Phono stage

Hegel Music System from Oslo, Norway, has announced the launch of their first ever phono stage – the V10.

Despite not ever having taken the plunge on Turntable components, and saying they never would, the reverse is now true.

The V10 ships in Mid February, it uses a half width case, in difference to the standard Hegel full width integrated amplifiers.

Last year I reviewed the H120 & H390 Integrated’s and Mohican CD Player and I am a convert to Scandinavian minimalist, well designed, well made, high quality audio. Their amps are known for taking apart the competition of brands like Naim, at lesser prices and majoring on dynamics, low distortion, grunt and power. Personally I ended up buying an H390, as regular viewers/readers will know.

Hegel adds V10 Phono stage

Despite not being a vinyl person, based on my experiences of Hegel products, this product is undoubtedly one to check out, if you are.

This is what Hegel Have to say;

“The V10 is designed with fully discrete input stages using some very special hand matched pairs of FET transistors. Both for the MC and afterwards the MC stages. This ensures very low noise and zero DC feedback to the pick up. After the FET stages a new bipolar op-amp stage takes over for optimal amplification.
Further, the V10 is 100% a dual mono design. It uses an external AC power supply that is specially designed by Hegel for the V10. This power supply has two connectors. One for each channel feeding into the V10. The main features here is a very low noise floor and optimal channel separation. The internal power supplies are also shielded heavily from the gain stages.”

Hegel adds V10 Phono stage


€1,395 / $1,500 / £1,350


  • Amplifier Typology : Ultra low noise discrete JFET transistor input stage for both MC and MM
  • Gain XLR Out MM: 40dB / 45dB / 50dB / 52dB, MC: 60dB / 65dB / 70dB / 72dB
  • Gain RCA Out MM: 34dB / 39dB / 44dB / 46dB, MC: 54dB / 59dB / 64dB / 66dB
  • MC Load Impedance :Freely adjustable between 33 and 550 ohm / 47 kohm
  • MM Load Capacitance : 100pF / 147pF / 220pF / 247pF / 320pF / 420pF / 467pF @ 47 kohm
  • Subsonic Filter : Switchable on / off, -3dB at 20Hz, -18dB octave
  • RIAA Accuracy : +/- 0,2dB / 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Output Noise : -84dB/MM (“A” weighted ref: 0dBV), -81dB/MC (“A” weighted ref: 0dBV)
  • Output Impedance : XLR / RCA: 200 ohm
  • Channel Crosstalk : -84dB @1kHz 0dBV
  • Frequency Response : 2Hz-20kHz Distortion (THD) MM: < 0.005%, MC: < 0.009% @1kHz 0dBV
  • Inputs : 1unbalanced (RCA) MM, 1 unbalanced (RCA) MC
  • Outputs : 1unbalanced fixed (RCA), 1 balanced fixed (XLR)
  • Power Adapter : Hegel Power Adapter M30103
  • Dimensions with Feet : 6cm x 21cm x 28cm, 2.4” x 8,3” x 11” (H x W x D)
  • Weight : 2,2kg/ 4,9lbs unit weight


Hegel Website – here

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