From Consumers / Audio Enthusiasts

13th Note HiFi reviews does an outstanding job of giving a very accurate and detailed review of each product. I have found Simon’s reviews to be spot on with my own experience. It has been very helpful with selecting the proper audio gear for myself. Highly recommend 13th Note HiFi Reviews for anyone considering the products reviewed here.

From Mr M, US – May 2019 (Facebook)

Many thanks to Simon and his “13th Note HiFi Reviews” blog. Great reviews on so many products and precious personal advices. I was thinking about changing my streamer since mine, a Bluesound Node2 doesn’t lead to the CD-like quality I am seeking at the moment. And he gave me a very simple and costless recommendation : loading FLAC files on the Node2 to check if this is the Tidal/Qobuz signal is or not involved in current results. Simon gave me many other details about DAC rankings, wires and so on… A precious support for a Hi-Fi newbie like the one I am

From Mr R, France – June 2019 (Facebook)

Great reviews Simon, open, honest and refreshing

From Mr L, Australia – July 2019 (Facebook)

Great Fair Neutral Balanced Reviews from a real enthusiast with many years of experience in the field with a wide product range and broad spectrum of equipment categories auditioned

From Mr D, UK – September 2019 (Facebook)

Great down to earth reviews without the BS and distorted views that some provide. Love the comparisons that Simon makes to other components. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

From Mr J, UK – October 2019 (Facebook)

You come across as honest which is more than can be said for some other reviews. A reviewer I can trust at last! Bingo! Please keep doing this and keep up the good work.

Mr A, UK – March 2020 (on email)

The 13th Note HiFi Reviews website is a breath of fresh air for anyone looking for guidance and sensible advice with anything to do with HiFi. Simon’s reviews are completely unbiased, easy to follow and understand, as well as being somewhat light hearted. No complicated phrases or snake oil. He is exteremely helpful and genuinely wants to help. If he was a HiFi retailer he would stand head and shoulders above the rest. Well done Simon!!

Mr A, UK – May 2020 (via Facebook)

From Manufacturers

I like the integrity and reviewing style of this web based platform.

Isotek – October 2019 (after a review of Aquarius / Sirius)

The universal consensus among everybody at dCS was what a fantastic piece of work. Really, really impressive. As to the photographs they are superb as well. Lot’s of positive comments around here. We all very much appreciate your efforts.

dCS – October 2019 (on producing dCS Bartok review & film)

Very Impressive! Thank you for taking the time to produce this

PMC – Feb 2020 (on producing PMC twenty5i interview / intro film)

Love it! Thanks so much for sharing. I really like your writing style which, like you said at the show, is different from most other reviewers.

Henley Audio – Nov 2019 (on producing Musical Fidelity MX-DAC review)

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