For Manufacturers / Brands

I am available for ;

  • FREE Video Audio Reviews on YouTube and in written form
  • 3D Videography and adverts – see below video and here
  • Videography for your own YouTube channel – see here
  • Improving manuals and manual illustrations – see here

Please email me at so we can discuss further how I can help you.

My Current Portfolio of 3D work

For my Content Consumers and Fans

Such is the amount of time it takes to test equipment and make videos, I no longer have the time to answer buying enquiries and system advice questions for free as it takes away from the time I can make content. For obvious commercial reasons, I share my personal opinions privately about what I deem the best products against other products, with those who support me on Patreon. That way you can access the information as best products are always in flux.

If you want this as well as/or system or buying advice, where I share this additional content in private embedded Patreon only videos, please subscribe to Patreon here (at only £5/$5/€5 per month currently). It’s kept cheap to be inclusive.

I also offer cheap Zoom video chats (additional to the Patreon charge) – an hour for £25. Please make the payments on Paypal here or YouTube Superthanks (hit the $ icon under the YouTube video window), then contact me on email to confirm the payment and a time you’d like to chat.

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If you want to email me suggestions or feedback to I’d be very pleased to hear from you.