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PMC Prodigy 5 Review

PMC’s may not be competing in the UK against Totem Acoustics Bison Towers for the Bison Towers higher price, but in North America they are with the prices on offer. Hence why it is fair to make the comparison.

I am not as impressed with the Prodigy 5’s compared to these newish Totem Speakers, mainly for the way the PMC’s dealt with bass, and other brittle aspects to their sound. Bass quality has always been a major plus of PMC’s and a trait that I have loved and being an owner of two pairs of PMC’s myself.

A brand I have often reviewed well – including the twenty5.21i. In fact I even titled the video PMC twenty5.21i Ace bass speed and resolution! The Totem’s in relation to Prodigy 5 offer a way more organic, natural and easy going yet dynamic impression of your tunes that makes them far the easier speakers to live with. They feel better made too with the construction of their cabinets and wood veneers, to the PMC Prodigy 5’s somewhat plasticky finish. For the full low down, see my video (above).

PMC Prodigy 5 Review
PMC Prodigy 5 Review – how do they compare?
PMC Prodigy 5 Review – how do they compare to twenty5.21i speakers?

Product Specifications (PMC Prodigy 5)

  • Type: Floor-standing / Tower two-way, ATL
  • Woofer: 13.3 cm, fibre cone
  • Tweeter: 27 mm dome
  • Sensitivity: 87.3 dB
  • Impedance: 6 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 35 – 25000 Hz -3 dB
  • Crossover frequency: 1700 Hz
  • Max power handling: Not stated
  • Recommended amplifier power: 20 – 250 W, 20W would be crazy for these!
  • Dimensions/weight: 90 x 16 x 24 cm (HxWxD) / 10 kg
  • Colours: Black silk matte, front grille is optional

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