Commission me for a 3D video…

For commissions in relation to my 3D HiFi and audio videography for adverts and other product promotional purposes, please make contact with me direct via my contact page here.

As I am not a 3D studio but have similar skills I can produce photo realistic work at much lower cost and produce works that are visually very engaging for your needs. These works involve measuring the components with a calliper, building them in 3D software called Blender, adding realistic materials then animating cameras in the scene and post production work in After Effects.

My work portfolio

Argon Audio Solo

A 3D video I made for Argon Audio involving their Solo streamer, which I animated to a chemistry lab theme and play on the words of their name…….

Manunta EVO DAC 3

A 3D video I made for Italian HiFi company Manunta of their EVO DAC 3, utilising an Italian theme with music from Verdi’s ‘Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves’ and double exposure shots of the leaning tower of Pisa, where Manunta are from.

Catch me if you can, eat your heart out….

A video I did for REL Acoustics where I made their T7/X in 3D and then animated a Saul Bass style ‘Catch me if you can’ style introduction…..

Illustrations / Manuals

If you are a Manufacturer and would like products DRAWN for manuals or indeed HELP WITH WRITING AND IMPROVING MANUALS I would be pleased to offer as a service WHILST conducting a review. Please make contact on my contact page here : contact me

Chord Hugo TT2

PS Audio DirectStream DAC Front & Back

Click on the PDF Vector Image here and expand to view detail of the DirectStream