Some pictures of Graphic Art I have drawn for my reviews using free Inkscape and Gimp programmes on my PC.

If you are a Manufacturer and would like products DRAWN for manuals or indeed HELP WITH WRITING AND IMPROVING MANUALS I would be pleased to offer as a service WHILST conducting a review;

Please visit the contact me page

Best One yet with Paint and Shadow Gradient Effects : Chord Hugo TT2

Click on the PDF Vector image here and expand to view detail (less surface paint)

PS Audio DirectStream DAC
Mirrored grain pair : PMC twenty5 23 Speakers

Click on Vector image here and expand to see driver, logo, feet and transmission line detail.

Rear of Yamaha WXC-50 Streamer with shadow gradient aerial.
Chord Qutest DAC
Drop shadow effects on grass : Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cables
Auralic Aries
Site logo drawn from a Totem Ornament.