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Conducting HiFi reviews is an exercise at walking down the line between manufacturers and consumers. However most products are lent by brands, so I have to maintain relations! If you’d like to access my preferences, please become a Patron on Patreon here

I can’t answer all buying advice queries (and what is best type questions) for free as making HiFi videos takes lots of time and effort and I don’t have the time.

For every YouTube video review, I make an additional commentary on a private embedded Patreon only version of the same video, on my personal preferences of the product and how it compares to others. I think this is a better way of doing it than product awards because products are always in a state of flux and ratings change.


Patreon powers membership businesses for creators by giving them the tools they need to acquire, manage, and energize their paying patrons. With a subscription-style payment model, fans pay their favorite creators a monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive access, extra content, or a closer look into their creative journey. This model is a win-win; creators retain creative freedom while getting the salary they deserve, and fans get to rest easy knowing that their money goes directly towards creating more of what they love.

One Simple Inexpensive Package

My idea to keep Patreon cheap and easily accessible to all, is to make Patreon an inclusive place for those who value me and want access to all my preferences and experiences whilst recognising the commercial reality of YouTube reviews. Essentially Patreon is currently the same price as buying me a drink every month. This is not to deride the YouTube offering as it depends what you want out of it, many watch YouTube videos for entertainment and getting knowledge about products, etc.

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  • Ad-free videos (unlike YouTube)
  • access to additional commentary’s and content on each product I review – my personal impressions of how it rates to others I have tried, and which is my personal best products.
  • Chat with me on Patreon ‘messenger’ as much as you like within reason for system set up queries and any advice or what products to buy.
  • Give aways on occasion and other occasional additional content.

Additional Zoom Chats

To Patreon’s and Non Patreon’s I offer a £25 per hour Zoom chat advice and system set up service. You can momentarily upgrade your package to the next one in the tier on Patreon or send the money via Paypal here or YouTube Super thanks (click the ‘$ Thanks’ icon in YouTube below the main window)

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