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What I can add that is Unique?

I can offer extra help in exchange for becoming a Patron.

To keep my website going with reviews & articles I do for FREE at the moment, ALL support is appreciated. I have costs in developing the website, travelling to shows, and collecting and posting products (with insurance which can sometimes be expensive). I currently run this website full time with no income from it.

In addition to offering the reviews for FREE, if anyone would like EXTRA HELP in exchange for becoming a Patron (no matter how much you donate, large or small) I can offer;

  • Ongoing private advice in respect to choices and buying decisions.
  • Remote set up help.
  • Chat on the phone about any other help where I am independent of Hi-Fi dealers and manufacturers.
  • CD ripping help – putting a music library together.
  • Local set-up if you are geographically close – I am in Sussex, UK
  • Anything else you might want help with on an ongoing basis.

To suit these ends, I have a unique knowledge of HiFi based on my experiences of the products I review.

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