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What I can add that is Unique?

I can offer extra help in exchange for becoming a Patron.

Conducting HiFi reviews is an exercise at walking down the line between manufacturers and consumers. However most products are lent by manufacturers, so I have to maintain relations with manufacturers!

If you’d like access to my full views, opinions and preferences, on email or by phone, no holds barred, please become a Patron and you’ll be on your way to selecting the best products in the market right now. You’ll unlikely to get this from dealers and I can offer advice where products perform, for less!

To keep my website going with reviews & articles ALL support is appreciated and necessary. I have costs in developing the website, travelling to shows, and collecting and posting products (with insurance which can sometimes be expensive). I’m now getting enough enquiries I need to start charging otherwise I won’t be able to do my reviews!

My reviews are based on real world experiences, in addition to technical reasoning and are based on A to B’ing products. I am a comparison based reviewer so am always looking at HiFi products from the perspective of the buyer, recognise value for money and can put systems together to ensure they get you the sonic balance you want and of course all the features! So Visit my Patreon Page today!


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The Packages

Supporter $5/month
  • Basic advice about products and access to additional feature articles posted on my Patreon page, that is not available on my website.
  • Advice on my experiences of products and comparative performance.
  • (1 email enquiry per month to your satisfaction)
Supporter + $10/month
  • As in previous tier but I’ll answer an enquiry a week about product performance or general enquiries in assisting you with ALL your Audiophile needs.
Supporter + Sublime $20/month
  • As in previous tier, but we can have video chats on facetime etc, to ensure you get the help you need.
  • Maybe you need help setting up a system too and want a video call as a one off (just cancel membership afterwards if you don’t want ongoing support)
  • Local set up if you are close by. Maybe you want help in finding a good price with a dealer too or need help as a newbie to streaming etc.

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