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Cambridge Audio CXN100 Versus Eversolo DMP-A6

Changes to the CXN V2?

Cambridge Audio CXN100 Review : Cambridge Audio have just released the CXN100 streamer which replaces the outgoing four year old CXN V2 and which is no longer listed on their website. Price is $1100 / £900 / €1050.

So far as use as a pre-amp, the V2 had 30 volume steps from the front rotary volume dial, but this has now been increased to 100 in the new model for finer volume adjustment. Whilst the V2 was a dual mono model with two Wolfson WM8740 24-bit DACs (up to 384Khz) per channel, a single stereo ESS9028Q2M DAC chipset is now used (up to 32bit/768Khz). The new display has been improved and it is slightly bigger and more resolving. There are function buttons on the front panel and the absence of a USB-A socket for connecting USB music containing thumb or hard drives – this socket has now been moved to the rear.

Also Bluetooth is now integrated into the unit whereas in the V2 you had to use a dongle on one of the rear USB ports. Perhaps frustratingly you don’t get a remote with the CXN100, as you did with the V2…..the Cambridge Audio reasoning being that interfacing with music is best accomplished with smartphones and/or a tablet. That you said you can buy a remote (CX series 2 type) which costs £25, but apparently only $15 in the US. Bonus.

Cambridge Audio CXN100 Review : Vs Eversolo DMP-A6

Cambridge Audio say the CXN100’s analogue output stage has been upgraded with more efficient capacitors and op-amps, improving the signal to noise ratio and reducing distortion. Additionally the new unit uses a generation 4 StreamMagic module for processing duties, although they don’t appear to have divulged specifications.

The units up and down right sided input buttons appear to mirror the way the EVO150 amp change inputs, with a rotating selecting display.

How does it rate against the Eversolo DMP-A6?

The Eversolo has been all the rage since it came out last year with a full resolution touch pad screen and a milled aluminium case which doesn’t seem possible for £760 / $860 / €860. I tackle how it gets on against the new Cambridge in my YouTube video embedded above. At the end I come up with a winner, which in this case I think is possible……watch the video first before reading/watching on……

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