Cyrus Audio releasing new premium XR range

Cyrus Audio releasing XR range - new case

It’s been a few years since Cyrus Audio introduced a new model in their premium range. In fact the last models were the excellent Stereo 200 Class D power amp and Phono Signature phono stage. The Huntingdon based Cyrus Audio is now releasing the XR series which will apparently resemble a similar casework design to current half-width models.

The ubiquitous half width Swedish made cases which came out in the 90’s, still prevail. These took us to the 30th year Anniversary System in 2013, culminating in the range topping Signature models like the DAC XP Signature pre-amp/DAC and PSX-R₂. These have remained since 2013/14 and such is the progress with HiFi, many brands have out-performed these Signature models, particularly Hegel Integrated Amplifiers I have reviewed, such as the H120 here and H390, see here. In addition DACs such as Chord’s Qutest.

From a pre release snap picture it appears casework has a more luxury finish – a criticism of the older models was lack of luxury due to lowest models occupying same cases as the Signature models, and the slightly ‘agricultural’ brushed black appearance.

Cyrus Audio releasing XR range - PSU
Cyrus Audio releasing XR range

It will be possible to mix and match with components of the Signature series and other models in the line-up, on all accounts. But there will be three tiers of products : Classic, no doubt encompassing models such as the Pre2DAC’s, Signature range of current models, and the new XR series.

It has been reported the new products will cost between €2000 and €5000, suggesting equitable prices in the UK at current exchange rates.

Six new XR models will be released at the end of October, being two integrated amplifiers, a CD player and transport, DAC preamplifier and external power supply. A streamer and more powerful amplifiers are apparently in development.

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I, for one, have enjoyed the fast paced rhythms, detail and dynamic capability this brand are known for. Hence voluntarily adding this post to my news section where I can add value from considerable knowledge of this brand.

It will be interesting to see how Cyrus Audio voice their new units. Cyrus Audio certainly need a new premium pre amp model, since the original DAC XP/DAC XP+ models on which the DAC XP Signature was based, is now around a 10 year old design. Cyrus Audio have been busy developing lifestyle ranges like the ONE Cast, which uses a terrific class-D amplifier. It is welcome news that the uppermost range has been given attention.

Watch this space for further reviews on Cyrus Audio releasing their XR range.

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