An Easy Guide to HiFi

HiFi reviews often contain lots of jargon that could alienate newbies, so I’ve written these pages to help understand more about HiFi and separates. I’ve concentrated my guide on a need to know basis.

Click on the links to reach the appropriate sections if you are experienced but if not I’d recommend reading each section in order!

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  1. Streaming
    1.1 Streaming – what is it?
    1.2 What you stream?
    1.3 So what is a Streamer?
    1.4 Can streamers be built into other components?
    1.5 How does music get from where it’s stored to the Streamer?
    1.6 How do files get on the various drives (from where do they originate)?
    1.7 How does music get sent from your streamer to the rest of your HiFi?
    1.8 Types of general connections in streaming
    1.9 Types of electronic music files in streaming?
    1.10 What is the difference between Lossy and Lossless music files?
    1.11 What is the difference between Compressed or Uncompressed lossless music files?
    1.12 So of these file types, how are they to be characterised in terms of compression and their lossy and lossless credentials?
    1.13 CD Quality versus Hi-Res?
    1.14 CD and Hi-Res sample rates
    1.15 What about DSD and MQA ?
    1.16 UPnP servers and apps
    1.17 What is Roon in streaming?
    1.18 Internet Subscription music streaming services (as at June 2019)
    1.19 Newbie : Deciding on the streaming product you need in a HiFi system
    1.20 Investing in Streaming means you get very good sound quality for your buck or quid.
  2. Speakers – coming soon…
  3. Amplification – coming soon…
  4. CD Players & Transports
    4.1 How do CD Players Work?
    4.2 What types of CD players are there?
    4.3 Connections?
    4.4 Common digital Cables
    4.5 The demise of CD?
  5. Digital to Analogue Converters (DACs)
    5.1 What are they
    5.2 Types of DACs
    5.3 Connections
  6. Power Supplies – coming soon…
  7. The Room – coming soon…
  8. Cables & Interconnects – coming soon…
  9. Turntables – coming soon…