A Mass of New Mytek Products

New Empire Streamer – see here

The guys at Mytek have been busy!!! Announced on 15th January 2021 in New York, Mytek are releasing a mass of new products in 2021 which coincides with a move away from their previous manufacturer and EU distributor, HEM Electronics.

I found favour in the Mytek Brooklyn DAC I appraised a while back, for its midrange, extreme detail and definitely a product to inject performance into many a smooth HiFi system or bolster an already detailed set up. The Brooklyn was an exercise at how much you can fit in a box, but I liked its small form factor, lovely dimpled Alu case, and luxury display. It’s one of the best made HiFi products I’ve come across, in these areas, and from the sneak pics, this looks set to continue with the new ranges.

Mytek have set up a new factory in Warsaw, Poland and the establishment of Mytek Europe Corporation is to be the new European distributor for Mytek Products. All new products are to be made in Poland, save the Empire Streamer bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge II

The existing range is being discontinued (but still supported). As classifications go I like the nomenclature of the new products. No numerical product numbering, instead Liberty represents the base ‘one function’ range, going up to Brooklyn for more multi-faceted products and Manhattan, being the high end range. The new Empire range is tagged as giving “extreme state-of-the-art money no object” performance.

The following represents the new product releases, which mainly come out in order as the year progresses. I’m lucky to be chosen to review the Liberty THX AAA headphone amp and Liberty DAC II, which will feature in a video review, so watch this space. Interestingly the new Liberty headphone amp is being shipped free with HiFiMan Sundara headphones, a brand whose products I have looked at before (See here : Jade 2, and HE1000 v2)


February 28th ; Liberty THX AAA Headphone Amplifier ($/€ 1495)
March 15th ; Liberty DAC II – PCM/DSD/MQA/HPA DAC ($/€ 995)
April 15th ; Liberty Phono preamp with built in SU Transformer ($/€1495)


Shipping now ; Brooklyn Power Amp+ : dual mono, 2x250W class D ($/€ 2495)
April 30th ; Brooklyn Bridge II w/Roon Core, DAC, preamp, HPA & phono ($/€ 3495)

Left to Right : Brooklyn Bridge II, Liberty THX AAA headphone amp, Liberty Phono pre amp, Liberty DAC II (for Liberty range see here)


Summer ’21 ; Manhattan dual mono power amp ; 2x200W ($/€6995)
Summer ’21 ; Manhattan Bridge – Roon Core,DAC,preamp, HPA & Phono ($/€ 6995)


February ; Empire Streamer Bridge w/ROON core, DAC, preamp, HPA & phono ($/€ 19,995)
Summer ; Empire mono-block power amp : GanFET module, 1000watts ($/€9995 each)

Mytek are selling the new Liberty headphone amp with free HIFIMAN Sundara headphones – see here

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