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HIFIMAN RE600S V2 IEM headphones – Part I

HIFIMAN RE600S V2 Review

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m definitely NOT a HiFi snob. One week I can be reviewing a pair of ATC SCM40A floor-standing speakers costing £7k and next week a pair of $200 headphones like these RE600S V2 IEM headphones from HIFIMAN. It’s all about musical enjoyment at relative budgets isn’t it! Same product (Music) but different packaging. And I’m not a ‘music last’ Audiophile or music lover too or whatever pretentious term we want to use. Uses come into it of course – these are ‘on the go’ IEMS, not 36kg speakers, and every musical product suits a person – every seat suits a bottom, and all that.

The design

RE600S V2’s are a single dynamic driver headphone type which HIFIMAN says features their new 8.5mm titanium diaphragm driver design.

HIFIMAN RE600S V2 Review
HIFIMAN RE600S V2 Review

Much like how dynamic drivers of speakers are designed; a voice coil containing current is attached to the driver cone and repelling or attracting against a magnet, sound is produced by the driver.

This is all different to balanced armature driver IEMs which often feature various armature drivers for different frequency bands. The principles are similar, just that an arm or armature sits between the voice coil and magnets within a rectangular case, and being excited, it moves a drive rod within the case to a sound producing plate outside it. The resulting sound then passes into a nozzle and is directed into your ‘King Lears’. Earphones like MAS Audio Science X5is use armature drivers.

HIFIMAN say the cable is silver and copper constructed and the case comes with a range of ear tips and you also get a carry pouch.

HIFIMAN RE600S V2 Review
HIFIMAN RE600S V2 Review

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such priced headphones in a luxurious looking leather case before. These IEM’s are certainly going to make a nice present for someone.

I’ve tried various products from HIFIMAN including some HE1000 v2 headphones, used with the awe inspiring dCS Bartok. Also a Jade 2 Electrostatic headphone system and some TWS-600 true wireless headphones. Their planar magnetic and electrostatic offerings are perhaps what HIFIMAN are so well known for.

Whilst we can’t categorise all products within a brand as being same, and I wouldn’t wish to do that, it could be maintained the sound suits people who are looking for detail retrieval and depth into music. If I had to describe what HIFIMAN do, then it’s that above all else!

The original RE600S IEMs initially launched with a $400 asking price and considering the price of these headphones at half that, ear pricking value now.

The Sound

60 seconds of film, coming soon, explains my thoughts on these headphones sonics relative to some others I’ve tried from HIFIMAN and other brands.

Im currently giving away my TWS-600 headphones from HIFIMAN for a friend to win. I’ll pay postage to anywhere in the world and noting the generosity of other websites doing this, at a time of world crisis, we can all do something to make another persons day. What better way than to bring music into someone’s life and the enriching experience it gives. Maybe you know someone in hospital with COVID-19 or suffering at home and would love a pair of real quality earphones? It’s always better to give then receive isn’t it!

I did announce in a recent video that I was going to give away some products, and what better way to give to the needy.


  • Titanium coated 8.5mm drivers custom designed by HIFIMAN
  • Compact size utilising powerful Neodymium magnets
  • Composite Cable
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Mini adapter for regular earphone jack
  • Freq Response : 15Hz-22Khz
  • Impedance : 16 ohms
  • Sensitivity 102dB
  • Weight – 13.7g



Manufacturer Details

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Contact :
Website :

A bit about Mark Ramos – Product Consultant @ HIFIMAN

In the often stuffy world of audio and HIFI, it is refreshing to come accross people like Mark, who is down to earth and honest and will explain which products meet your needs. If you want to buy HIFIMAN products I’d recommend chatting to him as he is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and in this honest way will help you get what you need.

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