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A film about the HIFIMAN HE1000 v2’s

I’m a bit of a hi-end headphone virgin so far but these headphones are all you need to enjoy Audio at a serious level. And I dont mean serious like politics or tax returns, but serious levels of enjoyment.

I find out that they have serious levels of resolution and bass response, a quality of Planar Magnetic headphones.

Interesting fact too is that the one nanometer thickness diaphragm is less thick than DNA. We go back to school a bit in this video and I show you where DNA is in your body….haha. Maybe this might be a trivial pursuit question, but it does beg the question how is the diaphragm supported so it doesn’t break?

Some people just don’t have much time, or maybe get bored easily so where it’s easy to get a quick snapshot of a product, I do so with a 60 second film. Editing videos takes ages too so it’s a win-win.

But anyway hope you like the short film and if you do please subscribe.

Written by Simon Price

I'm an AUDIO-LOVER who likes sharing experiences of faithfully reproduced audio in a CREDIBLE way. I am primarily interested in products; their looks, functionality and features, and most importantly how they sound! My reviews are not overly technical and I don't use pretentious language, as I believe great audio is non exclusive and is to be enjoyed by all! It's all about the music!

Luxury Monitors : HIFIMAN HE1000 v2 headphones

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