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A Short Film about the HIFIMAN TWS600 Bluetooth IEMs

Film appraisal of HiFIMAN TWS600

I checked out HIFIMAN’s premium HE1000 V2 planar magnetic headphones, which I very much rate, and these were sent to me as a bonus to that. This Film Appraisal of HIFIMAN TWS600 is at another price bracket though.

TWS600 are Bluetooth IEM (In Ear Monitor) headphones from HIFIMAN that come in a charging case. Another acronym is TWS for True Wireless Stereo. Forget notions of the past that Bluetooth is Blurtooth so far as some IEMs are concerned. Depending on what you try, the differences are getting smaller, if anything at all!

You need to run them in first and HIFIMAN say, with the use of the ‘Topological Diaphragm’ drivers, basically drivers with surface patterns to paint the audio picture, they need 10-20 hours running time.

An issue with Bluetooth is use over distance. How many times have you had your phone in your trouser pocket and your IEMs keep breaking up?

With these, HIFIMAN claim the TWS600 can operate over 100m (stable connectivity 10-50m). I didn’t try but certainly around my place they have no issue picking up your music.

Short Film of HIFIMAN TWS600

A trend in these types of headphones is to utilise a carry case which not only protects your hard earned investment but doubles up as a charging dock. A USB connection in the case allows you to charge it up. In this case (no pun intended), up to 38.5hrs time with the IEMs and charging case.

I visited my local Apple iStore and did a comparison to the new Apple AirPod Pro IEM’s. The Apple’s are muddy and undynamic with bass but they are a bit better balanced to these HIFIMAN’s. That said the TWS600 are much more insightful and audiophile sounding with the way they paint an accurate picture with so much detail and transparency into the music. They are possibly the better proposition on this score, depending on what qualities you like in audio.

If you want this detail and transparency in your music then the TWS600’s are good ones to pick and they are £50 cheaper than the £250 Apple AirPod Pro’s.

Coffee and music anyone?

Overall I can recommend them, with a combination of good sonics, the case, and long battery life. Not the last word in balanced audio but these TWS600 headphones are still accomplished in getting lots out of a recording and considering their Bluetooth credentials, so no longer the case with IEMs that compressed Bluetooth music means less detail. Enjoy!

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