Free Product Giveaway – HIFIMAN TWS-600

Free HIFIMAN TWS-600 giveaway

A few weeks ago in one of my videos I announced that I was about to giveaway some products to some of my YouTube Subscribers. Since then this nasty, unscrupulous and insidious little thing has come along – COVID-19. So I thought instead, and in light of other sites doing this, that I’d donate an audio product to a deserving person in this Free HIFIMAN TWS-600 giveaway.

It’s much better to give then receive and lots of people are risking it for homies and self isolators, at present.

I reviewed HIFIMAN’s excellent TWS-600 True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth headphones a while back, priced at £200/$200. My video is below. In new condition used for reviewing purposes only, ear tips will of course be replaced!

Free HIFIMAN TWS-600 giveaway

So if you know any friend or acquaintance that works for emergency services, the UK’s NHS or even perhaps shop workers who have fallen on hard times and are exposing themselves to this high risk virus, or anyone else deserving who would love a surprise, please let me know.

I will keep it running for 3 WEEKS until 16/4/2020 whereupon I’ll choose a winner and will POST TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD within postal reach.

Rules of entry

Please let me have an email ONLY to my WEBSITE CONTACT FORM (not email address) letting me know;

  1. Who you’d like me to donate these headphones too and
  2. how you know them and how and why you think they are deserving.

Please only email me to the contact form so I can sort through the replies in one place.

Please feel free to share this post using the share post by email feature on the top of this post, or via my Facebook Page here

Best wishes and I really hope these go to a worthy winner.

PS – these are my personal pair and HIFIMAN haven’t donated these.

Free HIFIMAN TWS-600 giveaway

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