Are you an Objectivist or Subjectivist Audiophile?

Are you an objective or subjective audiophile?

When I buy HiFi I want to know what the products are all about. What their sonic USP’s are, i.e. the main traits that make them stand out. This is something I’m fanatical about trying to convey, so in a review you will always see me highlighting the main comparative sonic traits in bold. So does a HiFi review have Objectivity and with a capital ‘O’ or subjectivity with a small ‘s’ ?

A review needs to be comparative to have a point and to walk down the middle for manufacturers and consumers and be confident in asserting what products do sonically.

I looked at the fact that you need to have benchmarks to assess any audio products. For explanation have a look here.

So which one are you?

Making comparisons when reviewing HiFi is absolutely essential. It not only shows that I have thought of the comparative differences but shows that I am assessing these differences too.

In my other articles I have looked at how HiFi reviewing is objective – see here and that reviews require credibility to be useful or worthwhile- see my article here.

View my film to find out – does HiFi Reviewing have Objectivity? Are you an objectivist or a subjectivist Audiophile?

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Are you an Objectivist or Subjectivist Audiophile?
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Are you an Objectivist or Subjectivist Audiophile?
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  1. Most audio reviewers on this side of the fall into same trap.
    As they review, they accumulate/use different components.
    The question is, how do they know what there system sound like over the long term when they change components (amps, DACs, speakers) so often.
    Answer: I don’t think they do.
    They have what I think amounts to a flavor of the month.
    I hope you don’t fall into same trap.

    • Hey Steve. I’ve thought of that very problem and agree it can be problematic. But I dont just check out kit which changes all the time. I’m a HiFi enthusiast and owner too, so when I change something I always get used to a component. If you read my reviews you will notice I use same speakers and kit a lot of the time. One argument against this is that having different systems finds out what the gear does across a range of kit. That is fine and I agree, but you still need that benchmark that a person is used to. Best wishes.

  2. My heart is stronger than my head it has always been like that for me. I imagine a life changing moment of sound through a new DAC or cable that’s sends me bouncing around the galaxy’s like a inter galactic pin ball.
    🤓 Ok enough of the flower. I understand some years ago all motorcycle tyre manufacturer’s owned a Honda VFR.
    Why? As a benchmark comparison to measure all new tyres against.
    So what is the Hi-fi bench mark?
    For me it’s the open and honest blogging of reviewers you trust like Simon who share your passion, and pass over their knowledge and expertise through great film clips.
    Just to confirm with you all I have bought the RME DAC after watching Simons review and love it 👍
    Simon for me is turning into one of my benchmark’s and for me been a Hi-Fi enthusiast is all about the journey and never the destination.

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