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A Walk Around Tour of Hegel, Norway

Late last year I visited Hegel in Norway and this is a quick video I put together as part of some other videos I shot whilst there, of my experience around Hegel’s Norwegian Sales and R&D premises located about a 20 minute subway journey from the centre of Oslo.

The size of the office labours the point that many HiFi companies are based around small research and development and design teams, with overseas production, which Hegel say means they can react to the desires and wishes of their partners and customers around the world.

I really appreciated my trip to Norway, the hospitality of Bent, Anders, Andreas and Christian and I thank them again for making this possible. I look forward to reviewing their competitive products in the future that suit my audience and their budget. Personally I would love to see an amp only version of the H390 or a more budget friendly Soundengine2 designed pre and power combo of more modest output to bridge the gap in performance and price between the current H590/H600 offering and the H390, knowing that many people who use Hegel amps do so, often primarily for the quality of the amplification and with partnering streamers and DACs. Also whilst keeping the high power output Hegel offering, more affordable, and more in line with the types of Audiophile speakers people own in the £$3-5k category.

If you want to check out more Hegel Reviews please peruse the other video reviews I have made on my YouTube channel, from the H120, H390, and Mohican CD Player. I also recently checked out the Hegel V10 Phono Stage in a video with the Pro-Ject Debut Pro;

Hegel V10 and Pro-Ject Debut Pro

I would strongly urge viewing this video for an appreciation of the core technology of Soundengine2, the amp circuit technology which Hegel use in their amplifiers. When you hear Hegel amps and relate audio quality to this technology, it is not hard to envisage why many Hegel fans rave about the audio quality of their Hegel amplifiers. I have been using my H390 as a test amp in my YouTube videos for some time as it is one of the best I have ever reviewed. This is a relatively simple overview by MD Bent Holter but essentially and simply put, it is a different design to conventional feedback amplifiers……


Written by Simon Price

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