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60 Seconds : Google Chromecast Audio – Dead but still kicking!

The Chromecast Audio streamer was dropped by Google earlier this year, but you can get it for between £$20-30 online still.

Looking like an ice hockey puck and almost the same size – hence the ice background!, it is shooting above what it does. OK, so it’s not for dedicated high quality audio but it has its uses!

It suits HiFi up to £$1000 and is a great convenience solution for streaming whilst away in hotels with cheap iPod dock type speakers. Or a bedroom or kitchen set up perhaps.

I’ve even used it with a Chord Qutest DAC and other better DACs and it’s surprising how well it achieves great sound quality for the money.

A good time to snap one up as a bargain as stocks run out, or get in an early Chrissie present for someone. It comes recommended by me.

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Written by Simon Price

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