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IsoTek Aquarius & Sirius Comparisons Film

In this short film I look at comparing an IsoTek Sirius to an Aquarius and I too look at comparisons to a bog standard, run of the mill power bar of the Audiophile type.

In this case my Titan Audio Styx power-bar which costs £125.

What is interesting about power conditioners is that they are so system dependent. Experiences of the effects of tone, bass and soundstage are common. So too is the choking effects on the dynamics of the power amp(s) in a HiFi

Who are these conditioners for? What do they do? Are they value for money. Just some of the normal questions I answer in my balanced film which is comparison based, as ever.

Written by Simon Price

I'm an AUDIO-LOVER who likes sharing experiences of faithfully reproduced audio in a CREDIBLE way. I am primarily interested in products; their looks, functionality and features, and most importantly how they sound! My reviews are not overly technical and I don't use pretentious language, as I believe great audio is non exclusive and is to be enjoyed by all! It's all about the music!

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