Mytek Donate 10% of sales to Charity

Mytek Donate 10% sales
Michal Jurewicz, Founder of Mytek

Mytek are well known New York HiFi makers of DACs like the liberty and Brooklyn, which I looked at, all the way to the range topping Manhattan II. In the midst of COVID-19 they have announced they are donating 10% of direct sales and 10% of sales to dealers, to charities. Principally concentrated on helping struggling music artists who have no income in such times with music venues shutting of course. As well as frontline charities dealing with the pandemic.

Mytek Donate 10% sales

New York has had it hard with COVID-19, reputedly higher infection rates than EU countries: maybe it’s the fact it is a gateway city in the US, or other social factors. But whatever, in times when HiFi firms have to buckle up when it’s tough on them too, a company like Mytek donating 10% of sales deserves a mention and commendation. Hence the motivation of this news story. Also to raise alertness to the causes of course – even though I’m sitting here at my PC in Southern England, this is a worldwide issue.

The organisations Mytek have listed as supporting are below, but you can donate to them directly too (click on pictures as links)


Jazz Foundation located in Midtown Manhattan supports jazz musicians with Disaster Relief, Housing & Emergency Assistance, Pro Bono Medical and through Creating Employment opportunities.


Part of Recording Academy Organization MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need


Large umbrella organization providing free meals and pantry throughout New York City through many smaller organizations located in NY neighborhoods.


Mobile food truck(s) charity located in Mytek’s Greenpoint neighborhood, cooking and delivering meals and food to New York’s frontline hospital workers.


Local station of Food Bank NYC located in Mytek’s Greenpoint neighborhood provides free meals and pantry to neighborhood residents.

Further information

See here : Mytek 2020 Relief

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