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A film: “making a legend legendary” – the new PMC twenty5i series.

new PMC twenty5i range

I’ve had my stalwart PMC twenty5 23s for a few years now, after being introduced in 2016. It’s perhaps a little beguiling when a new model comes out, for you are no longer ‘current’. This speaker is extremely dynamic, detailed and balanced, all in one go, with very low distortion and excellent realism. Now we have the new PMC twenty5i series…..

In 1980s UK you could have a Ford Escort XR3 or the XR3i variant. The i stood for fuel injection. Not for improved, as with the new twenty5i series from PMC. This model appears to be a tweaking of the original twenty5 series.

Interview with Keith Tonge of PMC – the new PMC twenty5i series.

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Five Facts about the new PMC twenty5i series for each model…….

A new engineered HF (High Frequency) drive unit from the PMC Fact speaker range is used, which cosmetically with its flatter appearance, gives the speaker away from the older twenty5 range. PMC say it’s a new “19mm SONOMEX™ centre soft-dome design” with an outer 34mm dome, which has a lower frequency. And having a lower frequency it means it can integrate with the low frequency creating bass driver, so sonic dispersion is improved.


Cross-over was at 1.8khz in the twenty5 series and is now at 1.7khz because of the improved tweeter. The crossover of course allows the unfiltered audio signal to be divided according to a predefined upper or lower threshold for the bass driver and HF driver. These improvements create better midrange.


A new silk white (matt) finish is added – I had a look at a twenty5.23i preproduction model in this finish, which trumps the slightly blingey look of some gloss white speakers on the market. The new wood finishes have been tweaked with the graining too and look great in their matt finishes.


A brushed non magnetic stainless steel back crossover panel is now used, in contrast to the mirrored panel on the twenty5 series.


Re-engineered plinths for the floor-standing model are now shock absorbing and were designed using vibration accelerometers and measurements ; An accelerometer is a device used to measure vibration and one way to do so is to make use of piezoelectric sensors. Certain materials like ceramics emit an electrical signal on being subjected to vibration pressures and they can be used in the sensors.

And not forgetting SIX for Centre Channel if you are a home cinema fiend…

Like with the twenty and twenty5 series, with the new PMC twenty5i series, PMC keep the nomenclature with the ubiquitous 21 and 22 bookshelf’s and 23/24 two way floor-standers :- the higher the number the larger the cabinet and bass drivers. Finally you’ve got a new 3 way 26i model – the largest model in range – and a home cinema centre speaker called twenty5 Ci.

My initial impressions at the show are that the new PMC twenty5i series does sound *better* than the twenty5 range in transparency and sound-staging, knowing my own speakers very well. By how much, A to B comparison would be needed in a familiar acoustic environment with same electronics used. Hopefully watch this space…….


These speakers are available in March and prices are below, with lower prices being all finishes except diamond black. Considering prices are not considerably higher than their forebears, very welcome news.

  • twenty5.21i – £1,995 | £2,195    
  • twenty5.22i – £2,995 | £3,295
  • twenty5.23i – £3,495 | £3,850
  • twenty5.24i – £4,995 | £5,495
  • twenty5.26i – £8,495 | £8,995
  • twenty5.Ci – £1,995 | £2,195
  • twenty5.sub – £3,795 (only available in black)

PMC stands for bookshelf speaker models : £295

the new PMC twenty5i series


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