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Bristol HiFi Show Film 2020

Bristol HiFi Show Film 2020

I spy with my little eye the things I liked at the Bristol HiFi Show 2020… and the not so liked too for the sake of balance. Much like the exquisitely balanced pair of ATC SCM40A speakers being played there, which I have at home at present and which I’m loving the hell out of. No not in weird way you understand, but like the modern way…like A levels, in an A star way! I get all creative as I’ve had lots of editing to do of my filming of the 2020 Bristol HiFi show.

We had the news of the new Chord 2go and 2yu, new PMC twenty5i series and lots of the regular product attenders. How too about the Innuos PhoenixUSB Reclocker if you have a digital USB source?

Bristol HiFi Show Film 2020

When you go to a HiFi show it’s all too tempting to get sidetracked, hoodwinked, diverted – whatever word you want to use, into the most expensive demos. If only 6 numbers or 12 digits came at once. There is only 12 of them…. But unlike the probability of winning the lottery you can be sure that there is a greater likelihood of audio being good at more sensible prices. How can you max out or best your system and what is the best bit of kit to go for?

In this film I look at a number of systems matching a category that might not fit the mould of the premium systems at the show. Maybe these systems in my film break the mould for what is possible in HiFi. So forget spending £2k/$2.5 on a premium TV. Music is more enriching for the soul. It is with all the doom and gloom and a tonic to the bad news in the world of recent. More so the issues in the world rather then HiFi shows, lest we forget.

Bristol HiFi Show Film 2020 – YouTube link here

Hope you enjoy my honest video I’ve put together. See you next year, “me babber” – that’s how Bristolian’s speak by the way 😉

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