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Commission me for a 3D Video

With the permission of Hidizs this is a video advert I recently created for their S9 Pro dongle headphone DAC.

This is the second time of creating 3D renders and I can put together economical value engaging videos for brands that support me or new brands who would like some engaging content to show of their products, without the high cost of commercial studio type video producing organizations.

My videos are created in Blender (3D Software) and Adobe After Effects, and even with relatively simple 3D mock ups can you create dynamic adverts that stand out for marketing purposes.

As one person who watched one of my videos said, I would like to get one just on the back of your video!

Please contact me at (tel +44 7865 064692) for more information and to agree appropriate pricing and ideas for adverts.

Watch my first very good effort at 3D here.

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Written by Simon Price

I'm music lover who shares experiences of faithfully reproduced audio in an ENGAGING way with HIGH VIDEO PRODUCTION VALUES. I enjoy and make reviews as I love audio gadgets, being a voice on audio and producing creative videos that ultimately benefit the industry and new participation. I keep technicalities easy, as I believe great audio serves music and music is inclusive and to be enjoyed by all!

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