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Eversolo DMP-A6: The best streamer under a grand

Eversolo DMP-A6 : A network streamer, a fully milled aluminium case, a really good DAC, a hard drive server, touch screen operation and all the flexibility of Android use and playback of native audio rates from within android interface capable apps, including Apple Music, without any down conversion? The price is £760 / €860 or $930 on top – you must be having a laugh! No they aren’t….. such is the power of the Chinese ‘HiFi engine’ that is Eversolo, operated as a parent company of China’s Zidoo

What I personally really liked?

I like the fact audio quality is the improver on streamers such as the Bluesound Node 2021, and how this streamer is being compared to much more expensive offerings. I liked the big landscape display and ability to easily read album info and interactivity with the front of the unit via its touchpad display. The screen mirroring feature to a tablet is very neat too, as I explain in my video.

It’s amazing to think that you get all this for this price, and whilst it might be convenient to form a view that the alure of a touchpad display ganders the DMP-A6’s popularity alone and particularly at these types of prices, it’s only when you dig deep into what’s on offer here, do you realise its extreme value for money proposition! This Eversolo is a very good product and probably my product of the year.

A comparison to the FiiO R7…..

I compared it to the FiiO R7 in my later FiiO review and whilst, so far as use in HiFi goes, the Eversolo slightly outclasses the FiiO R7 based on its obviously better sound-staging, which has to give the Eversolo the edge with the importance of staging in HiFi (even with the matching PL50 linear PSU), the FiiO has an obvious different use case for desktop streaming applications, where headphone outputs are utilised. In this sense they are not comparable products anyway.

Watch my FiiO R7 Review here.

The Eversolo DMP-A6 Interface?

This video I made on YouTube is popular, I think due to its vicarious window into the basic operation of the DMP-A6 and the difficulty of going fully into this on grounds of time, considering the amount of effort that goes into making YouTube HiFi videos. Check it out here…..

I made the Eversolo in 3D in 3D software called Blender

A good resource for new information?

Go onto the Eversolo forum here as lots is changing about this streamer as new features and firmware develop. Also a good resource for other peoples opinions.

Written by Simon Price

I'm music lover who shares experiences of faithfully reproduced audio in an ENGAGING way with HIGH VIDEO PRODUCTION VALUES. I enjoy and make reviews as I love audio gadgets, being a voice on audio and producing creative videos that ultimately benefit the industry and new participation. I keep technicalities easy, as I believe great audio serves music and music is inclusive and to be enjoyed by all!

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