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An Easy / Beginners Guide to DACs

To the uninitiated DACs (Digital to Analogue Converters) are a confusing topic. Acronyms in HiFi often are. This is why I have tackled this subject from what Analogue sound is first, then digital, and why Pulse Code Modulation?

I then look at formats, connections and types and give my own thoughts on my experiences of using, testing and reviewing DACs. I finish by explaining why formats are not the be all and end all to the quality of digital audio.

Jump to the following sections, if you want to pick what you watch. Please let me have your thoughts about DACs in the comments field.

1) What is Digital Audio? : 2:02
2) Analogue Waveforms : 3:40
3) Sample Rates & Formats : 5:03
4) DAC Connections : 8:18
5) My DAC Index : 12:54
6) DAC Types : 13:28
7) The Biggest Neglected Area of HiFi : 15:18
8) KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid : 16:51
9) Album Recommendation : Hookworms (Microshift) : 17:52
10) The Conundrum of Formats : 18:23

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Some DAC Products Featured in this Video :

Chord Qutest :
dCS Bartok :
Chord DAVE : A DAC Behemoth
Musical Fidelity MX DAC :
AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt :
Chord Hugo TT2 :

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  1. Thank you Simon for helping to simply the part DACS play in our hi-fi systems.
    I am not an over tech person so your explanations was very well received by myself.

    I agree with you DACS can improve your end sound and ultimately your listening enjoyment and this is not very well understood by a large number of people.


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