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Arendal 1723 Bookshelf S THX Speaker Review

What are Arendal’s 1723 Bookshelf S THX Speakers?

Arendal’s 1723 Bookshelf S THX Speakers are a 2 way sealed enclosure design with rear rhodium plated copper terminals with a recessed aluminium backplate for the High Density Fiberboard cabinet.

The fact Arendal have a home cinema line up and reputation should not put you off these speakers for home HiFi use, as I found out in my review where I discuss technical aspects of the design including the tweeter waveguide and other features.

The Arendal’s excel in transient attack, speed, neutrality, dynamic response, and versatility across music genres, showcasing impressive resolution and speed compared to Buchardt S400 Mk2, Monitor Audio Gold 100 and KEF LS50 Meta‘s

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Specifications : Arendal 1723 Bookshelf S THX

  • 2 Way sealed enclosure
  • Dimensions : 38.5H x 24.5W x 32D cm
  • Weight : 14.5KG
  • Enclosure Material : High Density Fiberboard (HDF)
  • Tweeter : 28mm
  • Freq Response : Sealed 65-20kHz (-6dB)
  • Woofer : 6.5″
  • Impedance : 4ohm nominal
  • Crossover Freq : 1500Hz
  • Sensitivity : 84dB / 2.83v / 1m
  • Break In : 50 hrs
  • Recommended Amp : Up to 250W RMS @ 4ohm
  • Included : Wall mount. Manual. Rubber pads.
  • Product Information on brand website : here

My 3D modelled Intro….

For 3D enquiries please contact me via my website.

Written by Simon Price

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