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Manunta EVO DAC 3 Review

What is it?

Manunta is an offshoot of Italian audio company, M2Tech. The Manunta EVO DAC 3 is a balanced Digital to Analogue Converter which has XLR outputs and single ended RCA outputs. Input wise it can deal with RCA S/PDIF, Toslink and I2S, plus USB. This is also an aptX capable Bluetooth DAC.

Manunta adopt the direct model of HiFi selling and this DAC is currently available via their website here. I found this Manunta EVO DAC 3 to offer a lot of utility, so far as connections and features as I make clear in my review, and for what is possible with the direct selling model. Sound quality is competitive and the unit is also well made, if not luxuriously so.

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My YouTube review of the Manunta EVO DAC 3


  • PCM Sampling Frequencies: 44.1kHz to 768kHz
  • PCM Resolution: 16 to 32 bits
  • DSD Sampling Frequencies: 64x to 512x (native), 64x to 256x (DoP)
  • THD+N: 118dBA
  • Frequency Response: 0Hz to 30kHz (PCM 192kHz)
  • MQA full decoding: all inputs except Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Quality: aptX
  • Inputs: S/PDIF, optical Toslink, I2S, USB, Bluetooth
  • Outputs: Analog single-ended, analog balanced
  • Output Voltage: 2.5Vrms (single-ended), 5V (balanced)
  • Supply Voltage: 15VDC
  • Power Consumption: 4.5VA
  • Size: 150x160x35mm (wxdxh)
  • Weight: net 0,3kg, gross 0,7kg

My 3D Video Intro I made for Manunta:

Manunta EVO DAC 3 3D Intro

What Manunta say

“Manunta EVO DAC 3 includes MQA technology, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original master recording.
Manunta by M2Tech recognizes the sonic and technical advantages of MQA, therefore all M2Tech DAC products will include MQA in their format decoding pool. Visit for more information. “

Written by Simon Price

I'm music lover who shares experiences of faithfully reproduced audio in an ENGAGING way with HIGH VIDEO PRODUCTION VALUES. I enjoy and make reviews as I love audio gadgets, being a voice on audio and producing creative videos that ultimately benefit the industry and new participation. I keep technicalities easy, as I believe great audio serves music and music is inclusive and to be enjoyed by all!

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