Benchmarks : 1000 YouTube Subscribers

Benchmarks : 1000 YouTube Subscribers

I’ve just reached my first benchmark of 1000 YouTube Subscribers after a year of work. OK no chickens are being counted, and there is a fair away to go yet before anyone gives me the YouTube 100k subscriber MBE – a Member of the Best Entertainers, don’t you know.

Only joking, I’m not counting anything really. Or not placing any massive importance on numbers. Maybe I might now count how many HiFi boxes are evading my living space 🙂

In fact the subscriber count is mainly a measure of palpable support, which my followers have steadfastly shown over the last year. And for this I am truly appreciative and why I am posting this – so thank you ALL!

More than anything, this is an effort at credible, balanced and engaging HiFi reviewing…. I think you can only really be a HiFi reviewer if you walk firmly down the middle between consumers (in giving credible advice and information) and manufacturers (for promotion). If it is JUST promotion, as so many of these so called review sites are, there is no reviewing going on. A review is a “critical appraisal” (if any need of criticism is justified – which in most products is seldom). Equally I have to give fair dues to manufacturers where it is a matter of taste and choice and where my own views are by the by.

Unsurprisingly the best HiFi component I’ve tested thus far – see here
dCS Bartók thumbnail - 13th Note HiFi Reviews
Benchmarks : 1000 YouTube Subscribers

So what I’m saying is that subscriber numbers don’t really matter to the extent of quality, which is far more important to make this site sustainable. I’d rather have 1000 people believe me than someone else who has 20k followers, where credibility is possibly lower. It is a journalistic pursuit for me too and I believe I can carry on doing this if I stay true to my balanced and credible aims. It might be a long road, but I’m on the journey!

Anyway, the videos take tonnes of effort, sometimes up to 3 days for 10-15 minute clips. This might sound hard to believe, but if you’ve done it you will know what I mean. I love the creative side of this process and this is why I do it, as well as conveying my experiences to others, as a lover of audio. Let’s be clear, you don’t need special skills; just ears, eyes and perception and an ability to analyse and evaluate and convey. Oh and bags of enthusiasm and effort!

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So if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, please do so by clicking on the subscribe icon above or here. It will be a pledge of support and a reason to carry on, more than anything.

A Year of Work – the Content so far as @ April 2020

Please look down my list here (in chronological order – newest to oldest) for videos you might have missed. Some of the products rank well because they are well known, but don’t discount ones just because they perhaps are not as marketed. You find out as a reviewer, it is often lesser known gems that offer best value for money and performance.

  1. KEF LSX Active Speakers
  3. ATC SCM40A Active Floor-Standers
  4. Are you a Objectivist of Subjectivist Audiophile? (opinion piece about HiFi reviewing can be objective)
  5. Bristol HiFi Show 2020 – some stand out products / best £2k systems
  6. Innuos Phoenix USB Re-clocker at Bristol 2020
  7. The New PMC twenty5i series speakers at Bristol 2020 – interview with Keith Tonge
  8. AudioQuest Red River, MacKenzie, & Yukon XLR Cables – best value cables is where it’s at.
  9. HIFIMAN Jade II electrostatic headphone system
  10. Sonos Port Streamer
  11. My new camera and Mic – Canon M6 Mk2 and Zoom H1n + Rode Mic’s
  12. Cyrus ONE Cast – part 2 : Features & Sonics
  13. Cyrus ONE Cast (Streaming AMP) – part 1 : unboxing and contents
  14. Musical Fidelity MX DAC – DAC of 2019?
  15. HIFIMAN TWS-600 true wireless earphones
  16. Have a laugh – Not the Nine O’clock news HIFI sketch
  17. Chromecast Audio budget Streamer – dead but still kicking
  18. Allo DigiOne Signature Streamer
  19. dCS Bartók – ultra premium DAC and streaming headphone amp
  20. HIFIMAN HE1000 v2 premium headphones
  21. IsoTek Aquarius & Sirius Power conditioners
  22. PS Audio DirectStream DAC – a smooth operator
  23. AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt headphone amp/DAC
  24. Schiit Jotunheim – headphone amp/DAC
  25. Focal Clear headphones
  26. Meze 99 Neo Headphones
  27. KEF Anechoic Chamber – a look inside at Maidstone
  28. Periodic Audio Carbon IEMs and Nickel headphone amp
  29. MAS Audio Science X5i headphones
  30. Ophidian Minimo Speakers – mini bookshelf speakers
  31. NORD NC500 DM Mk2 Class D stereo amp
  32. Nord Unboxing film
  33. CanJam London 2019 – a film
  34. M2 Tech Young MkIII Pre-amp & DAC
  35. Tellurium Q Black II Speaker cables
  36. ISOL-8 Substation Integra Power Conditioner
  37. WAVE High Fidelity Storm F and Premium BNC Cables
  38. Chord Hugo M Scaler upscaler
  39. Chord Hugo TT2 DAC and pre-amp
  40. Innuos Zenith Mk 2 Roon Server and source
  41. Chord Qutest DAC (1st video – May 2019)

My Favourite Products I’ve reviewed in my Films;

It easily has to be the dCS Bartók & ATC SCM40A speakers, on all out capability. But best value for money (not necessarily cheapness) goes to Google’s Chromecast Audio Streamer, RME’s ADI-2 DAC FS DAC and Allo’s DigiOne Signature Streamer with Shanti linear power supply. Best value for money IEM headphones I’ve tried are MAS Audio Science X5i

Also a £4000 premium Hegel Mohican CD Player I am currently reviewing represents amazing value for money too. It’s at a level of sounding like a £4k DAC and source, all rolled into one.

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COVID-19 EU/UK Home Trialling

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