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Buchardt S400 Mk2 Speakers Thrill!

Buchardt Audio say they are a Danish Loudspeaker brand who want to make good HiFi at affordable prices and their direct selling model embodies and affirms this. No dealers or distributors means product price can be lower to achieve the same margin.

That’s where I come in because having a model involving less parties can be a lot easier, not to mention an understanding of how a reviewer works and how a brand does too. Also, in a post Covid world, people are willing to trust those who can access products and have a considered opinion about them, are more willing to accept opinions where shop demos can be frustrated by the inability to compare different raved about products in the same shop, and so on.

The model offered by Buchardt Audio requires a good customer service model, and testament to this is the number of people appraising the brand on this score at their Facebook page – here. But more than this, a good returns policy where no Restocking fees are charged. These are the fees charged on the return of products simply for returns sake, which in European counties is outlawed by EU distance selling legislation. The 14 day period to cancel orders with such legislation is moot with Buchardt Audio – since a 45 day return period is offered and any returns only deal with postage costs (that don’t form part of the initial free P&P). These are NOT restocking fees!

Anyway, with my immutable high production values I tackle Buchardt’s S400 Mk 2’s in my video laced with a James Bond theme. They are compared to Monitor Audio Gold 100’s and KEF’s LS50 Meta speakers.

For more questions about my opinions of these speakers and competition, be sure to sign up to my Patreon page to discuss products even further and ensure you get the ones that meet your needs. Aligning my personal opinions to those of my experiences, for the benefit of those looking to buy, is the perfect way to get access to information that can help save you money.


  • Type : 2 Way Passive Radiator
  • Tweeter : 1 x 0,74″ Custom fine weave soft fabric textile with CDC aluminum waveguide
  • Mid / Woofer : 1 x 6″ Linear Long Stroke Paper Cone
  • Radiator : 1 x 5×8″ Long stroke passive radiator
  • Impedance : 4 Ohms
  • Sensitivity : 88dB
  • Freq Response : 33 – 40.000 Hz +/- 3dB (in-room)
  • Crossover Point : 1800hz
  • Recommended Power Handling : 40-200W
  • Dimensions : 365 x 180 x 280 mm (HWD)
  • Weight : 7.5kg each (16.6kg shipped)
  • Box inclusions : Speaker Grills
  • Warranty : 10 years
  • Cabinets : 15mm Fiberboard HMR.E2 Moisture-proof with internal bracing. Either painted or real wood veneered. 

Written by Simon Price

I'm music lover who shares experiences of faithfully reproduced audio in an ENGAGING way with HIGH VIDEO PRODUCTION VALUES. I enjoy and make reviews as I love audio gadgets, being a voice on audio and producing creative videos that ultimately benefit the industry and new participation. I keep technicalities easy, as I believe great audio serves music and music is inclusive and to be enjoyed by all!

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