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A Film about the Holo Audio MAY DAC KTE

Chinese made doesn’t mean badly made or to be ignored – quite the contrary as I explained here but sometimes you get something more with R2R based DACs like I found out when I reviewed the Holo Audio Spring 3 Level 2 DAC. But what of the higher specified Holo Audio MAY DAC KTE…

First off it is lovely made, then the sound quality it provides… just the right balance of the tonal luxury that benefits good HiFi but also resolution and speed. R2R DACs can be rich but smeared in sound characteristics, not on the latter score here. The Spring DAC I tried majored in areas like resolution, a sense of decay and did not have these smearing traits too, but the MAY KTE goes further in greater neutrality, improved staging and imaging, plus separation.

Utilising two boxes for the power supply and the DAC itself, there are inputs a plenty and when you see the insides of this DAC – the way that even the case surrounding the R2R ladder board is made from anodised aluminium, it makes you think Holo Audio haven’t tried to scrimp with this design.

My own 3d Graphics I made for this film in my Youtube video intro

Personally I feel it is the equal of the Chord Hugo TT2 in sound quality terms – maybe not function with the addition of the Chord’s headphone output – but it is more cossetting and comforting in your HiFi than the Chord.

What I haven’t said in the film I can’t really add to because I feel I covered the MAY DAC comprehensively at least as far as getting across what its sound is all about. For more information about the Holo Audio May DAC KTE , if you are in the EU check out the website of the EU distributor Magna HiFi here, and in the US Kitsune HiFi here.

What you get? (from EU distributor website)

  • Dimensions per chassis (2 total): 430 mm (W) * 300 mm (L) * 55 mm (H) additional 12 mm for machined feet (for each part, two of these chassis stacked on each other)
  • Accessories included: power cord (North America ONLY), remote control, DC Power Cable (1M length),   Package includes DAC only + Remote +DC Cable – NO Batteries in remote to speed up customs clearance. 
  • WARRANTY – 3 years warranty

Written by Simon Price

I'm music lover who shares experiences of faithfully reproduced audio in an ENGAGING way with HIGH VIDEO PRODUCTION VALUES. I enjoy and make reviews as I love audio gadgets, being a voice on audio and producing creative videos that ultimately benefit the industry and new participation. I keep technicalities easy, as I believe great audio serves music and music is inclusive and to be enjoyed by all!

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