Featured : Chord Electronics

Chord Qutest DAC - Best under £/$2000!

Review of the Rob Watts designed Qutest DAC from Chord Electronics https://chordelectronics.co.uk/prod...

A quick preview video of the Chord Hugo TT2 & Hugo M Scaler - reviews to follow

Chord's Hugo TT2 and Hugo M Scaler paired to one another is extremely accomplished. Using ground breaking Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) technology, sound quality is class leading and amongst the best. My Full reviews of both units to follow, as well as a review of Wave High Fidelity Storm Stream and Storm F (Furutech) BNC cables, designed for use with this pairing

CHORD HUGO M SCALER (upscaler) Review

In this video I go through Chord Hugo M Scaler's main capabilities, its specification, and connections. I finish by discussing its sound qualities in use with Chord DACs and those of another brand. Does this upscaler ‘spit out’ the 13th Note? If you like my videos please hit the like button. Thanks for watching.

60 Seconds : HIFIMAN HE1000 v2

In this 60 second film I look at these tremendous monitors . I also look into the cell of a human in a little mini biology lesson - Haha, to show that DNA is thicker than the diaphragm of these headphones

IsoTek Aquarius & Sirius

A look at how I get on with these power conditioners from IsoTek in comparison to a standard inexpensive mains bar of the audiophile type. I also feed a dog in this film, and check out some latest music I'm listening too, with Ultramarine as my backing music.

Smooth Operator : PS Audio DirectStream DAC

I look at the PS Audio DirectStream DAC ; I check out its main traits and a comparison to the Chord Hugo TT2 which is probably one of its main competitors. I also look at the new Windom firmware release and I fake my own death to a four legged friend for a bit of a laugh and video interlude.

Audioquest DragonFly Cobalt

I've looked at the Cobalt before but this is a dedicated full film about the Audioquest DragonFly Cobalt and how it compares to other DragonFly models and the Chord Mojo. A credible look at comparisons from a credible audiophile who wants to share the love and get people the audio THEY want.

Good Schiit - Jotunheim Headphone Amp with Multibit DAC

A look at the all rounder Schiit Jotunheim headphone amp. It's well made, well sounding, well powerful, well connected, well well!

Rebranding : Focal Clear are Focal Balance

With various sets ups (Chord, Audioquest, Innuos, JDS and Schiit) I look at these great headphones and I do some box rebrandng for Focal. Just Kidding ..... Lol 🙂 Any questions, constructive feedback or comments, I would be pleased to hear from you. Cheers Simon

60 Seconds : Meze 99 Neo Headphones

Some people think that ALL reviewers rev up products ALL of the time, but when some gear doesn't perform as well comparatively and lots of people will probably think the same, I think it needs calling out. Otherwise a reviewer will loose credibility. Sadly the case with these headphones, which whilst they look great, they don't perform anywhere near as good as they look.

KEF Anechoic Chamber

A quick look inside the KEF Anechoic chamber at KEF's R&D and production facility at Maidstone, Kent, UK. KEF make the Muon, Blade and Reference models here.

Phone headphone amp: Periodic Audio Nickel (and Carbon IEMs)

In this 60 second film I look briefly at what a mini headphone amp can do for your phone, using the Periodic Audio Nickel headphone amp. I also take a look at their spacey sounding Carbon IEMs.

MAS Audio Science X5i

I have a look at these great value monitors which more than compete with the likes of Final B3, Campfire Audio IO's, and Periodic Audio Carbon IEMs. We also look at how I have tested them in a coffee table system (Chord Qutest DAC / JDS Labs Atom headphone amp / Yamaha WXC-50 streamer), as well as a system comprising an Audioquest DragonFly Cobalt and Periodic Audio Nickel headphone amp. I also go all 'dusk till dawn' again, with a bowl containing green stuff

Ophidian Minimo Speakers (60 second review)

In the film I look at these baby monitors and how they perform and I make a subtle suggestion separates are preferential. I also listen to some music from a supermarket and I suggest some of my own ground breaking products

Chord Hugo TT2 volume ball operation with headphones

Volume is changed by non motorised opaque volume ball

Exceedingly Good Value : Nord NC500DM MkII Power Amp

A HiFi review video with an unpredicatble twist: Have you ever watched the film 'Dusk till Dawn' and had the rug pulled from under you? In this film I look at the Nord NC500DM MkII Class D Power Amp, I consider class D and different classes of amplification, and I look at a green table with round things on it.

CanJam London 2019

A look around some of the big boys at CanJam London 2019 including DCS, Chord Electronics, Qobuz, Electromod, Audioquest, Innuos, HiFiMan, Cardas Audio, Focal, Schiit Audio, Campfire Audio, Benchmark, Mytek, PS Audio.

M2Tech Young MkIII Pre-amp & DAC

In this short film I look at the M2Tech Young MkIII Pre-amp and DAC, in an engaging and entertaining way. I make comparisons to other similar DACs and Pre-amps and we take a look at a local Sussex village near me.