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FiiO SP3 : Don’t ignore inexpensive desktop actives

A matching pair of desktop speakers for the FiiO R7….

I previously reviewed FiiO’s R7 desktop streaming headphone DAC……FiiO SP3 Active Speakers are the matching speakers for this unit.

Lounge based Audiophiles can get embroiled in expense means better with pricier and pricier systems. It’s all good but it doesn’t mean that audio can’t be enjoyed as much when it is relatively inexpensive. Also every set up has a use case, and it is not always the case that systems need to be pricey. These diminutive speakers from Chinese brand FiiO work very well on my desktop 15cm from the rear wall.

What I like about the FiiO SP3 Active Speakers?

I like the build quality and contrasting white and carbon fibre black drivers (white version), the fact an aluminium moulded active speaker pair is capable of sale at this price, the blingey lights at the base, and the sound quality is more than can be expected at this price for all the technical benefits actives bring, which I discuss in the video.

I also like the way FiiO SP3 Active Speakers are matched well with the R7 in terms of footprint and connectivity by using the SP3’s RCA analogue inputs, plus the overall package at price.

You may need to ensure you use good cable routing to eliminate any common mode or RFI noise to the speakers – keep the power cables away from analogue cables, and consider using simple power conditioning bars or individually wired/star wired mains blocks.

Want to know more about the production process?

Watch FiiO’s video on their YouTube channel then….


  • 3.5 inch carbon fibre mid/bass unit
  • 1 inch soft dome tweeter
  • 30W X2 (bass), 10W X2 (treble)
  • Soft sound absorbing treble dome design
  • Directional acoustic waveguide on tweeter
  • Double Diffused S-shape port tube
  • Rear Ported bass reflex type
  • Small 2.35 litre internal volume
  • Pressure die-cast liquid aluminium alloy metal cabinet
  • LED lighting effects
  • Stand with 7 degree elevation (for one meter distance from listening position)
  • Rear 3.5mm or RCA analogue inputs
  • Cables supplied – 2RCA to 3.5mm, umbilical to slave speaker
  • Rear Bass and Volume gain dials
  • Rear press switches – on/off / lighting effects / input (rca or 3.5mm)
  • Left or Right master speaker position selectable (via rear flick switch) to suit mains power outlet position

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Written by Simon Price

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