Ultramarine – Signals into space

Released : 11/1/19

This lp oozes with minimal, effortless brilliance, imagining a kind-of somnambulant lounge electronica akin to stereolab on a solemn cosmic trip.

‘Signals Into Space’ features contributions from anna domino of factory/crepuscule fame in the 1980’s, saxophonist Iain Ballamy (ECM, Food, Loose Tubes) and percussionist & vibraphone player Ric Elsworth. Conceived in a windowless practise room by these wiley kosmische hands, this is an album of remarkable imagination and colour performed in an understated fashion.

Wonderful stuff and particularly worth checking out if the names woo, the orb, and seefeel mean anything to you. “as ethereal and mysterious as the title might suggest, but it is an enigma that is easy to enjoy… contains many delights for the discerning listener. As cool as a cucumber in an icebox.” – louder than war

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Written by Simon Price

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