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Silent Angel Bonn N8 Pro Switch with Forester F2 LPSU

A review of this Silent Angel Bonn N8 Pro audiophile grade ethernet switch with its matching linear power supply (the Forester F2) is covered in my video below…..

Whilst switches in Audio are contentious, they do add to the sound somewhat, if the gear under consideration is revealing enough to show it. That’s what I found when testing this switch. In addition, let’s remember the pursuit of what constitutes sound quality changes, is subjective, and value considerations are up to the buyer and budget.

Certainly this is not a product for everyday HiFi use and you’ll need very well performing gear to get the benefit from it. Also much will depend on your network traffic and extent to which the problems that these network switches seek to resolve, exist. For instance how much jitter, the time distortions of the audio signal, exist in your set up. Only you can know on testing if you have an issue or if your system demands such a switch aside from the plethora of cheap PC switches out there…but remember reviews are for a shortlist so my recommendation would be to try before you buy, as ever.

I used this switch pretty successfully with Innuos’ Zenith mk2 which is featured in the video.

watch my youtube review here

What the Manufacturer say?

“The Bonn N8 Pro creates a HiFi audio zone to effectively separate your audio devices from household traffic. It eliminates noise, transmits the highly accurate timed data, reduces the impact from network broadcasting storms and latency caused by bandwidth-intensive activities from PC and other devices.”

Exclusive Clock Module, TCXO: Silent Angel’s 0.1ppm TCXO (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator) is 50 times more precise than a general Crystal Clock, lowering latency issues and jitter effects.”

Jitter Effect Improvement: When transmitting high-frequency network packets, distortion is a common effect. The Bonn N8 Pro is effectively able to lower this to 369ps whereas other general switches present at 705ps.”

Watch the brand video here;

For more information visit the Silent Angel website – here

Written by Simon Price

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