All the Fours – 4 months Tidal Sub for $4/£4

4 Months Tidal for $4/£4

‘All the fours – 44’ the bingo call goes, except in Tidal’s case, carve those digits down the middle, and make it one £4 or one $4 for one 4 months of a new Tidal Subscription.

Cherry picking News articles keeps interests on track, since I’m not a website to carpet bomb the internet of all press releases, for SEO interested click-bating annoy-ability. And anyway boring to reflect every single press release.

We can all get on top of a bargain however and this one is terrific. Plus, let’s be hopeful of full adoption of streaming to bring down streaming prices and benefit artists and music.

The Deal

This is Tidal’s spring offer, welcome with current home isolation. Enough to think Tidal rather than services like Amazon. You can sign up to any one of the below plans. Obviously pick the Tidal Hi-Fi Family Sub, as you can then share the service with five friends or family and you get best quality audio. You have to enter bank details and the Sub will default to normal pricing after the deal period, plus you can swap plans. No stuck-in contract periods – cancel anytime.

Tidal iPad interface
4 Months Tidal for $4/£4

Services (4 Months Tidal for $4/£4)

ServiceQualityNormal Price (or after offer period)
Tidal Premium320kbps Streams**£9.99/month
Tidal Premium Family*320kbps streams**£14.99/month
Tidal Hi-FiCD Quality & MQA Tidal Masters hi-resolution£19.99/month
Tidal Hi-Fi Family *CD Quality & MQA Tidal Masters hi-resolution£29.99/month
* up to five members
** CD quality is 16bit/44.1kHz or 1411kbps (kilo bits per second data stream)

In addition you can get Tidal’s Student (normally £4.99) and Student Hi-Fi (£9.99) plans for this offer price.

……..or instead you could visit your local supermarket and buy yourself something like this (and save yourself 25 pence or equivalent) and probably get less ongoing pleasure, although they are very nice;

BOL Fire Roasted Cauliflower Tikka Masala – From Sainsbury’s** – £3.75
**Other brands are available!
4 Months Tidal for $4/£4
4 Months Tidal for $4/£4

Roon Streaming for beginners – find out here.

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