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Not more about the dCS Bartók? – a film

I can keep on waxing lyrical about products like this with no risk because of how tremendous they actually are.

Live with DACs like this for a while on a great system and you will know what I’m talking about.

In this short film I talk about over egged up HiFi reviewers on YouTube, I look at the Bartók’s product features and operation and obviously there wouldn’t be any comment about sound if this site wasn’t called 13th Note HiFi Reviews…

Let’s not over analyse HiFi but enjoy it for what it is, and boy oh boy this product can be enjoyed!

Read my written review here.

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Written by Simon Price

I'm an AUDIO-LOVER who likes sharing experiences of faithfully reproduced audio in a CREDIBLE way. I am primarily interested in products; their looks, functionality and features, and most importantly how they sound! My reviews are not overly technical and I don't use pretentious language, as I believe great audio is non exclusive and is to be enjoyed by all! It's all about the music!

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