A guide to HiFi

Hifi reviews often contain too much jargon and alienate people so I’ve written these pages to help understand more about HiFi and separates. I’ve concentrated my guide on a need to know basis.

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  1. Streaming
    1.1 What is it?
    1.2 What you stream?
    1.3 So what is a Streamer?
    1.4 Can streamers be built into other components?
    1.5 Hos does music get from where it’s stored to the Streamer?
    1.6 How to files get on the various drives (from where they originate)?
    1.7 How does music get sent from your streamer to the rest of your HiFi?
    1.8 Types of general connections in streaming
    1.9 Types of electronic music files in streaming?
    1.10 Lossy v Lossless music files?
    1.11 Compressed v Uncompressed files?
    1.12 How are file types characterised?
    1.13 CD or Hi-Res?
    1.14 CD & Hi-Res sample rates
    1.15 What about DSD & MQA ?
    1.16 UPNP streamer clients and music control apps
    1.17 What is Roon in streaming
    1.18 A brief summary of online music streaming services
    1.19 Deciding on the streaming product needed?
    1.20 A good time to invest in streaming for sound quality.
  2. Speakers
  3. Amplification
  4. CD Players & Transports
  5. Digital to Analogue Converters
  6. Power Supplies
  7. The Room